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Return to Slygo – Film, Playlist and Zine

Return to Slygo 

‘Return To Slygo’ explores a musical interchange between Black British artists from different generations. The result is a kind of musical conversation on ancestry, culture and resistance. The film features music by Sons of Kemet and Nubya Garcia, with a score by Dennis Bovell and poetry by Roger Robinson. Nicholas Daley’s clothing is a constant that brings the film together, celebrating a journey that began with the sound system, the Reggae Klub and the name.

Exec Producer: Nick Hayes
Producer: Abiola Rufai
Director: Akinola Davies Jr
DOP: Nathalie Pitters
Gaffer: Edel Gardner
1st AD: Daniel Smith
Production Designer: Phoebe Platman
Styling: Nicholas Daley
Make Up: Bari Khalique
Sound Engineer: Sebastien Renaud
Editor: Dfran
Music: Sons of Kemet and Nubya Garcia
Poetry: Roger Robinson
Music & Sound Mix: Dennis Bovell

A Knitted History

‘A Knitted History’ offers a compelling insight into Daley’s fierce sense of family and how his upbringing has influenced his approach to fashion. The film documents different knitting techniques and includes interviews with Daley and his mother, Maureen. During these conversations, they discuss family and ancestry in relation to Daley’s current knitwear and how his mother’s skills and craft had been passed down from previous generations.

Direction: Joseph Dunn
Edition: Joe Hurrel
Grading: Josh Cobb
Producer: Grimshaw Mink
Featuring: Maureen and Nicholas Daley

Nabihah Iqbal Playlist

In this ‘Return To Slygo’ Mix, you can hear Nicholas’ parents, Maureen and Jeffrey Daley, recounting their experiences and memories of running one of Scotland’s first reggae club during the late 1970s and early 80s. Maureen and Jeffrey were living in Edinburgh at the time, and feeling frustrated with the fact that there were no club nights which catered to their music tastes, they decided to set up their own ‘Reggae Klub’. Starting out as a Sunday evening event at a small club called The Place, Maureen and Jeffrey successfully attracted a regular audience of local and international students and other like-minded individuals and the ‘Reggae Klub’ nights gained popularity. As they grew, they toured their club nights around various Scottish cities, with Jeffrey on DJ duties as ‘I’Man Slygo’ and Maureen taking care of tickets and other ‘roadie’ tasks, hosting seminal live acts such as Aswad and Misty In Roots. The couple reflect on the ins and outs of running a club night focused on reggae music during this time, and the music and fashion intertwined with the scene, which now serves as a key inspiration for their son Nicholas’ work as a menswear designer. Maureen and Jeffrey Daley selected the tracks which feature in this mix. They were interviewed by Nabihah Iqbal

1. Warrior Charge / Aswad
2. Prophecy / Fabian Calling
3. Rastafari / Culture
4. Two Sevens Clash / Culture
5. Breakfast In Bed / Lorna Bennett
6. Tenement Yard / Jacob Miller

Jeffrey and Maureen Daley in Edinburgh, 1979. (Image courtesy of Jeffrey and Maureen Daley). 

Return to Slygo Zine

Purchase an exclusive Nicholas Daley Return to Slygo Zine, featuring photography by Piczo and stills from ‘Return to Slygo’ directed by Akinola Davies Jr. £10 and all proceeds go to jazz music education and artist development organisation Tomorrow’s Warriors.

‘Return to Slygo’ film by Akinola Davies Jr
Photography by Piczo
Featuring Sons of Kemet, Nubya Garcia, Dennis Bovell and Roger Robinson


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