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Birds of Greenwich Peninsula

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Greenwich Peninsula is celebrating its wildlife and the Ecology Park with an artist designed birdwatching logbook. Launching on the 13th April, this trusted birdwatching companion will be available for sale from the Ecology Park, NOW Gallery and through its website. Look out for the accompanying outdoor exhibition along Olympian Way and East Parkside in appreciation of Greenwich Peninsula’s birds.

Launch: 13 April 16:30-19:00. ‘The Hide’, A performance by Lou Doyle on Peninsula Square. Please book your tickets here. 

Greenwich Peninsula is championing the local ecology park by funding a book to be sold in support of their community programme. We are looking to create a 10% biodiversity net gain on the Peninsula and will be creating a natural habitat for the future. Greenwich Peninsula creates homes and cares about what is around them, looking after and treasuring what is good on the Peninsula.

Jennifer Moore has created a birdwatching logbook for the Peninsula to encourage everyone to get outdoors and learn to recognise our native and migratory birds. For many, there is a growing importance for understanding the local habitat and what lives there, with birdwatching, according to the RSPB, growing by 85% in 2021.

The logbook will provide an opportunity for the local community to connect to nature to support their mental and physical health, while creating a keepsake that can generate an income for our much valued ecology park, flagging it up as a resource for all, harnessing the power of art to bring an environmental issue to life.

To promote the logbook, there will be a series of workshops at NOW gallery and the ecology park throughout the summer, as well as a launch event on 13 April with a performance by Lou Doyle on Greenwich Peninsula.

The booklets are digitally printed in Sussex on art-grade FSC paper using vegetable-based inks. They are plastic-free, and recyclable. The booklets cost £7.50 (£5 for residents) and are available to buy at the ecology park and NOW Gallery. Buy your copy online here.

Jennifer Moore, author of Birds of Greenwich Peninsula.
For Jennifer Moore, choosing the birds that feature in any logbook is like organising a party: a blend of different characters to create a harmonious and interesting whole. The birds that Jennifer has chosen are both representative to the area and aesthetically pleasing, providing a balance of bird families, seasonal visitors, common sightings and more elusive species.

Jennifer has been birdwatching for many years, read countless field guides and has spoken to a myriad of birding folk, so the information is an accumulation of gathered knowledge based on a lifelong interest in nature. Birds of Greenwich Peninsula is her 16th title.

“Championing our local birds is central to my work as in spite of some of them being ubiquitous or seemingly abundant, all our wildlife is being challenged by human activity, and being able to relate to them and know them is vital if we are going to conserve some of our most familiar species going forward. Using these logbooks to reconnect and provide an entry point for people’s appreciation is a real privilege.”

“Birds of Greenwich Peninsula is particularly interesting for me as I feel the use of art to communicate important climate-related issues is vital to portray the troubling scientific data in a palatable way for those outside academia. The logbook working with the local Ecology Park, highlights the birds in this area – normally overlooked from a wildlife perspective. It taps into a potentially fertile area of investigation and enquiry from the residents and visitors of this iconic stretch of the Thames, promoting a sense of stewardship and familiarity in an accessible and manageable way.” Jennifer Moore author and artist.

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