A Pinch In Time

FleaFolly Architects

Greenwich Peninsula is thrilled to announce a new public art commission by South East London based FleaFolly Architects.

A Pinch In Time’, a new sculptural mural will be embedded into the changing Peninsula landscape. Taking inspiration from its rich and industrial legacy, FleaFolly used circular motifs from the surrounding context such as the Blackwall gas tower, the Millennium Dome and the Great Hall of Queens House to create a layered pattern imbued with its past. This layering created a vibrant pattern made from more than 1200 printed ceramic tiles, which at its centre is literally ‘pinched’ to create an extruded 3-dimensional form. As with all FleaFolly projects the aim is to ingrain the work with a sense of narrative, craft and delight.

A Pinch In Time’ will be completed by May 2018 and is located on Millennium Way.