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Silent Madness Mowalola

Silent Madness is an immersive installation that marries Mowalola’s unique Nigerian punk-inspired aesthetic with her passion for musical expression. The result is a surrealist stage setting emerging from an explosion of colour accompanied by a multi-channel soundtrack curated by the visitor.

The gallery walls, floor and windows will be draped in swathes of fabric bearing a print designed by Mowalola specifically for the exhibition. The central floor area will be occupied by a plinth. A ‘band’ of mannequins covered entirely in black tar wearing outfits designed by Mowalola will take centre stage each ‘playing’ a tar-coated instrument ranging from guitars and drum kit to a piano.

Hollowed out speakers will house a set of 6 retro TV units showing 2-minute films directed by Jordan Hemingway. Upon entry, visitors will be issued with a set of headphones and an MP3 player with a pre-recorded 6 track playlist spanning a contrasting mix of genres. It will then be up to the individual which song they choose to inform their experience as they journey through Mowalola’s world.

The exhibition aims to disrupt and question preconceptions of normality whilst challenging traditional discourse surrounding African sexuality encouraging visitors to shed the pressures of convention and live life by their own terms.

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