In The Heart of a Whale

Margaux Carpentier

19 May - 12 Jun 2016

Step inside a gigantic whale and discover an imaginary universe that pulses beneath the surface. Based on the notion that our perception of the world is often restricted, In the Heart of a Whale celebrates the obscure unknown and explores the fragile tension between human reason and animal wilderness.

Margaux Carpentier is an illustrator and painter based in London. Her colourful and folk-like images are inspired by travels around the world, journeys through time, and magical encounters with wild creatures.

In the Heart of a Whale is presented by The East London Comics and Arts Festival (ELCAF), and commissioned by NOW Gallery.

ELCAF 2016, the 5th East London Comics & Arts Festival founded by Nobrow, is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the most exciting talent in comics, illustration, small press publications and sequential art. It will take place on the 10th, 11th and 12th June at the Round Chapel and School Rooms in Hackney.

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