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Please click here for an Audio Description of the exhibition.
Large print guide of the exhibition is available at the gallery front desk 


Greetings from Ireland features

An inflatable structure which holds two spaces in the interior

An audio/visual installation on two large 65” TV’s

Interactive screen created by Kepler which tracks the viewer’s body movement places the smiley face motif from the exhibition on your head and dresses the viewer in Robym’s fashion brand.  



The inflatable has lighting elements which create a white light effect

There are three spotlights within the first room of the structure highlighting hanging garments. Also in the first room are lightboxes. 



Abrupt scene changes may be used in visual content. Subtitles are on the video. 



Inflatable is blown up by an air pump every hour for one minute, which creates a white noise effect.

The film can be turned down on request


Available Seating 

There is limited seating in the exhibition (one bench, with a headrest) 

A seat with back and armrest can be made available 

There is enough space for a wheelchair when viewing the film


Navigation through the installation:

The exhibition consists of an inflatable structure contained by scaffolding. Within the structure there are two ‘spaces’ the first space, the progress room, features light boxes, emitting a white light, with imagery from Robyn Lynch’s archive and journal pages. Deconstructed garments will be hanging from scaffolding cut offs suspended from the ceiling, lit by three bright white spotlights.

Through hanging green fabric you will enter into the second ‘room’ which features a video of clips from the past 5 years since the brand ‘Robyn Lynch’ was established. Here there is a bench to sit on, with enough space left to fit a wheelchair. The video lasts 39 minutes and 29 seconds and is set on a loop. 

Exit through the back of the structure. And move around the right to a screen where there is a motion censored installation in collaboration with Kepler. Stand in front of the motion sensor and you will see yourself on screen, wearing Robyn Lynch clothing. The video can pick up up to 6 people in the frame. 

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