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PH+ Architects in collaboration with the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy have created a secret garden den which sits at the heart of the inclusive sensory space on Peninsula Square. Creating a third Empathy element for our June offering, the ‘garden’ is an experiential installation that stimulates and encourages play through sounds, smells, movement, reflections and varying surfaces.

Using Conductive Education techniques, The London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy aims to inspire children with Cerebral Palsy to develop independence, confidence and self esteem and to achieve their full potential. The Centre seek to turn all given parts of a child’s day into an immersive learning situation, providing opportunities to practice emerging skills not only in specific learning situations but in the many interconnecting  parts of their lives and day. The transition between structured activities becomes as important as the activities themselves.

Kids love to play. Kids learn through play. We have loved working with the Centre to design their new home through a series of workshops. The requested tree top musical walkways and kids-only dens that emerged have been integrated into a multisensory ramp which links the centre’s school  to state of the art new hydrotherapy and therapy spaces. Xylophones have been integrated into screens to supplement mirrored surfaces; there is a  sensory roof garden and a sheltered treehouse classroom to enhance learning.

The Milkshake Tree has allowed us to play and explore some of the elements of the design for the Centre whilst creating a space for the public to enjoy at the Festival and at the entrance of Peninsula Gardens. Afterwards, the installation will be taken to the Centre’s playground to be reinstalled as play equipment. We are very proud that it will be a space designed with them for them.

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