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Human Stories
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 The face is the picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter’

A study of body image and anatomy through contemporary photography, film and digital media framed by a series of provocations.

The politics of beauty and identity has been long debated as part of an explorations of gender, race and the image of self. The shape of our faces, texture of hair and complexion of skin map our ancestry and are the very essence of our identities. Can our collective selves nurture body positivity and self – expression? Do we endorse or debunk the incessant, re-touched ideas of ‘beauty’ and ‘perfection’ that are generated by mainstream and social media for mass consumption. Does this sit comfortably within a culturally rich and diverse society?

NOW Gallery invites contemporary photographers and filmmakers and animators to map out a series of images that articulate our cosmetic rituals, manipulate faces, hair and anatomy whilst capturing the subtle blemishes, nuances and imperfections that make us all individual.

Featured photographers:

This exhibition will draw together archival imagery, contemporary photography collections, video doodles and a selection of newly commissioned works.

NOW is particularly keen to showcase artists and photographers who explore intersectional themes and who explore experimental processes to create multifarious imagery.

This is the second exhibition in the Human Stories series, NOW Gallery’s series of annual small displays that encourage contemporary discourse on modern life and the human scale by engaging with modern progressive communities, artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers and thinkers that will be translated into a compelling visual display.

The Body Issue will knit together the themes of race, identity, intersecting identities, idealisation and objectification of self. The sections of the exhibition will be loosely framed by a series of seemingly nonchalant, anecdotal provocations derivative of cult populist narratives.

The Mirror Image
Valley of the Dolls
Good Hair
Your Skin Glows

Music from ReviveHer
Please RSVP at [email protected]

Human Stories is curated by Kaia Charles for NOW Gallery. Exhibition design, Joana Filipe

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