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Caustic Landscape – Jason Bruges Studio
Venue: NOW Gallery

The ‘Caustic Landscape’ project is a new outdoor intervention created by Jason Bruges Studio, Especially for NOW Gallery. The project inspired by the gallery’s proximity to the river and transportation hubs, is an exploration into water, light and vibration. The installation uses the caustic properties of water to create a series of light projections, visualising the motion created on site by the audience and the surrounding environment. The project can be viewed for one night only at NOW Gallery on the 28th of November.

Jason Bruges and his colleagues will be talking at NOW Gallery at 5.30pm. Insights into an interactive world.


Sarah Sarhandi – THIS FOUND
Venue: NOW Gallery


A 30 minute performance by SARAH SARHANDI and collaborators at NOW gallery.

FOUND is an ongoing project by composer/violist SARAH SARHANDI which premiered at Kings Place, London in December 2013.

Sarhandi’s viola threads its way through the contradictions, exhilarations and mysteries presented by the strands of her ancestry, her cultural inheritance and the chaotic millennium flow we inhabit.

NOW Gallery standing as it does at Greenwich Peninsula on the Thames, connects, echoes and resonates for her with a continual call she experiences from other places – tides that draw her, in particular another port city she loves and is viscerally connected to, her other home – Karachi, Pakistan.

Sarah will perform pieces from her current collection ‘FOUND’.

With Aamir Zaki Pakistani composer and guitarist, she will premiere a new duet, created around a recording of a music making session with him across Skype. An imprint across time and space, sounds of distance and proximity mesh with the sure and achingly beautiful notes he played to her.

‘Dotted Waltz’ by Sarhandi and Zaki, a reinvention of Bach’s Minuet in G, is performed as a video created by Paul Benney with dancers Thomasin Gulgec, and a live performance by Estela Merlos.

Other collaborators include the master of underground house and electronic music Joe Brooke Smith.

NOW Gallery appears to look to a global vision from a physical position and perspective that is steeped in history. Sarhandi’s music though rooted in classicism breaks boundaries, genres, cultural and geographical expectations and specifics. Her music seems to fly towards the future whilst being rooted in the wisdom of past understanding and is delivered firmly in the present.


Venue: NOW Gallery

ReviveHER are James Cooper, Henry Bennett, Nick Hadfield and Will Best who will be curating music for NOW Later at the NOW Gallery for the next 9 months. ReviveHER was founded 5 years ago with the aim to revive something missing in London’s night time culture. With a booking policy of interesting and exotic guests – DJs’ DJs, Forgotten Legends and Future Heroes from all across the world, the idea was to focus on quality music, specific sounds and locations.


NOW Cinema

Film curator Gareth Evans curates the line-up film and moving image exploring movements in art, design and fashion.
Screenings are ticketed. Find out more here.

Tickets £5

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