Opening Night for Robert Orchardson’s Installation ‘Aperture’

Robert Orchardson

Opening Night for Robert Orchardson’s Installation ‘Aperture’. A sculptural work which explores materials and scale by this South London artist.



Venue: NOW Gallery

ReviveHER explore the musical imagery of the cosmos and showcase forthcoming EP ‘Interstellar Love’ – a sonnet to the stars. From Pythagorus’ theory of orbital resonance to Kubrick’s ‘2001, A Space Odyssey’, otherworldly sounds have been long associated with star gazing. Further inspired by computer technologies and the possibilities of space travel, electronic music has become synonymous with science-fiction. Just as the astronomers objects are ‘imbued with potential’, synthetic sounds transport the minds eye to an intangible, alien realm.


The Astronomical Unknown
Venue: NOW Gallery
19.15 for 19.30 start

Film curator Gareth Evans accompanies Robert Orchardson’s work with The Astronomical Unknown, a collection of 7 space related art films on a loop in the NOW Cinema boudoir.

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