Idler 25th Anniversary. For all idlers, art and cloud lovers and those needing respite from this busy world

Idler 25th Anniversary

Take time to idle in Indirect Sunlight and understand the importance of time out.

Idler Editor Tom Hodgkinson will hold a salon on the philosophy of idling in the NOW boudoir with special guests.

Co founder Gavin Pretor Pinney now of The Cloud Appreciation Society will tell us why we should wander idle as a cloud, and look up. The Idler Art Flaneur Tim Richardson leads a promenade around the Peninsula’a art work. And the Mudflappers get us all swing dancing on the piazza. Debut UK from About Aphrodite – organic electronica music plus Idle tunes into the night.

Join us for an evening of idle happiness.

6pm: Art Flaneur walk
6-8pm: Tom Hodgkinson Salon with special guests TBC
7pm: Mudflappers
8pm: Gavin Pretor Pinney on Clouds
8.45pm: Mud Flappers
9.15pm: About Aphrodite
10pm: Carriages