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Home Affairs

Home Affairs are not Talked about on the Public Square: the art of storytelling through living

A NOW Gallery commission celebrating London’s diverse design landscape through cross cultural collaboration. Furniture designer, Yinka Ilori, fashion designer Christine Mhando of Chichia London and creative consultant Arieta Mujay devise theatrical, visually compelling conceptual spaces, brought to life with curated film, archival footage and performance.

Set against a backdrop of indigenous plants, designed objects, and garments, Ilori will create thought-provoking furniture using Mhando’s bespoke Khanga textiles.

Traditional Nigerian & Swahili parables frame four vivid living rooms. Each space will reveal its underlying story, encouraging guests to navigate and explore. The audience is given an opportunity to interact in the space and identify the parables’ messages. Powerful and thought- provoking anecdotes that question local as well as global values and ideologies.

The installation will be further enlivened with illustration and spoken word from Project Tribe, and Lulu Kitololo.

Curated by Kaia Charles for NOW Gallery.
Creative Director, Yinka Ilori.


Bazaar Bohemian 

Atlanta’s free spirited, Chichia London muse, Bazaar Bohemian inhabits Home Affairs. Collaborating with Talking Drummer Richard Olatunde Baker, she performs a series of excerpts from iconic African writers, poets and lyricists.

Trials of Brother Jero – Wole soyinka (exerpt)
Teacher Don’t Teach me Nonesense – Fela Kuti
Africa be Proud – Chiphazi Wazekera
Americana – Chimamanda Adichie (prologue)
Butterfly – Chinua Achebe
Word Speaks – Kojo Baffoe

Bazaar Bohemian is one half of Afropolitan style duo, Project Tribe.


Vintage Bike Photo Booth 

Take a selfie with our customised vintage, yellow bike. We replicate the popular Chichia London bike campaign that featured Bazaar Bohemian.


Lulu Kitololo

Kenyan-Tanzanian Illustrator Lulu Kitololo will be creating a large-scale illustrated mural inspired by indigenous African flora.


Zezi Ifore
Palm Wine Club X NTS Radio Live

Broadcasting live, NTS Radio’s Zezi Ifore will be collecting stories for a special edition of her Palm Wine Club show on NTS Radio and playing music from the Motherland – Hi life, fuji, afrobeats and beyond.


NOW Cinema: Home Affairs

NOW Gallery presents a series of contemporary short films by emerging African filmmakers exploring a range of social and aesthetic themes set in domestic spaces.

AFRICAN BOOTY SCRATCHER: Nikyatu Jusu (2009) 13:49

UDUDEAGU: Akwaeke Emezi, Lagos, Nigeria (2014) 1:45
HEY CELESTIAL, Akwaeke Emezi, Pantin, Paris (2014) 2:00

TO CATCH A DREAM: The Nest Collective (2015) 13:13


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