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Face Up – Music, Masks & Lip Sync

FREE – all welcome

DJ Limao
Celebratory Piñata designed by Lizzie King
Mosco Mule’s

As part of London Design Festival, NOW Gallery has a special late opening of Kinska’s My Opera House. Come and experience her world, make a Kinska inspired mask and take part in a performative lip sync evening led by Brazilian DJ Limao. Tap into her love of puppetry and creating personas from simple designs, and take this chance to step into the limelight.

Collage Club will be running the mask making workshops. Design, make a mask, pick a song and perform in the garden of Kinska’s Opera House.

Collage Club is a workshop series celebrating the art of cutting and sticking! Embracing hands-on techniques and using scissors as a drawing tool, Collage Club is perfect for anyone keen to flex their creative muscles and get making without having to produce perfectly proportioned, boring drawings. Each session features a range of activities including speed-collaging and collaborative image-making, and every workshop is packed with top notch magazines and colourful paper for participants to rip, snip, glue and stick into something brand new.

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