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Curator’s Talk. In Conversation: Jemima Burrill & Emmanuelle Moureaux

Join us online for a conversation between NOW Gallery curator Jemima Burrill and Emmanuelle Moureaux.

10am GMT / 6pm JST / 5am EST

Emmanuelle Moureaux will be talking with NOW Gallery curator Jemima Burrill about her work, Slices of Time. This is an opportunity to join a zoom session with the artist of many phenomenal sculptures which take colour as a starting point. We will talk about her past work and look at how this has led her to create Slices of Time at NOW Gallery. This work which can be seen here contains 100 colours and 168 000 numbers, looking at the past, present and future. Emmanuelle will talk about how she goes about creating her impressive sculptures and where her ideas germinate. Jemima will talk though the process of bringing the piece over from Japan to the gallery and its impact before the Covid-19 lock down and beyond. This will be a low key discussion, where the zoom audience is encouraged to ask questions and get involved. As Emmanuelle lives in Japan and Jemima is based in the UK, the 10am start is unusual for NOW Gallery Curator Talks, so as always the talk will be available on our website.

Details to join the Zoom talk will be emailed 30 minutes before the event start time.

Emmanuelle’s works includes the architectural design for Sugamo Shinkin Bank, “100 colors” art installation series, space design for ABC Cooking Studio, art installations for UNIQLO and BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE, and stick chair. In 2017, she has created a large installation “Forest of Numbers” at The National Art Center, Tokyo for its 10th Anniversary exhibition.

Associate Professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design since 2008, Emmanuelle’s laboratory explores the possibilities of colour through a project she named 100 colours lab. Students are asked to create 100 colours palette of an item from their everyday life, such as glasses, bubble foam, rice, umbrella, watches, CD, chocolate block and so on.

Jemima Burrill: “The measured detail, and calm considered order of Moureaux’s work seemed the perfect respite from the political bedlam we are experiencing. This exhibition will include everyone, giving them the opportunity to have a moment to enjoy colour and form in all its simplicity and complexity. Both elements will work together to surprise and saturate, providing a moment to think about a date of significance within colourful order. A contemplative moment for all.”

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