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Colourblock Party

Talk: Morag Myerscough
DJ: Bip Ling
Live Art: Martina Schmuecker and Jennifer Taylor
Free Experimental Cocktails: The Robin Collective
Films: Gareth Evans
Dress: Bright

To celebrate Morag Myerscough’s new colour block cranes on the Peninsula, NOW Later will delve into colour theories with coloured cocktails, curated film, live art and a talk by the designer. The vibrant pink, orange and yellow cranes can be seen from Peninsula Square facilitating construction on sites overlooking the river Thames, animating the Greenwich Peninsula skyline. The brilliantly colourful Bip Ling will be our guest DJ.

Morag will be in discussion on the importance of colour in her work with NOW Gallery curator Jemima Burrill at 19.00. Look out for performance art, coloured cocktails and films with a colour edge curated by Gareth Evans.

We will be subverting the space with an audacious mix of eccentric drink, fine art and music to kick start your weekend.

Part of the Where Pioneers Live event series


Talk: Morag Myerscough – 19.00


British designer Morag Myerscough has been commissioned to create multi-coloured cranes which will frame the construction of Greenwich Peninsula’s Upper Riverside, designed by architects SOM.

“My days are consumed by thinking about colour. When I travel, I collect images of temporary building sites’ scaffold structures and for many years I have been fascinated by cranes, so to be asked to colour a group of cranes came at the perfect time. Cranes are so skeletal, standing elegantly, moving, and sometimes even dancing round in the sky. The sky continually changes colour and the cranes will respond to the changes.” Morag Myerscough

Morag’s work is characterized by an engaging boldness, creating specific, local responses to each distinct audience that will see and experience the design, using it to create community and build identity. Morag makes places from spaces that people like to be in, that stimulate and often make you smile. She creates and curates many different types of work. The eclectic breadth of work covers the conversion of a train to a café, installations, numerous exhibitions and even a temple.


DJ: Bip Ling – 20.00 – 22.00


Bip Ling is undoubtedly a star of the internet generation, the global face for brands including Dior, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton, she acts, sings and will be DJing an exclusive set for us.


Live Art 


20.00 – Martina Schmuecker will performing Auszeit.

Getting a kick out of art

“I am not particularly adept at engaging art. This piece, by Martina Schmuecker, was in a group show called “Let me hear you body talk” at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. I touched the legs and were surprised that they felt like they could be real. I figured it was some complex material and poked it more. I tickled the knee–no reflex. I ran my fingers lightly up the stocking clad shin. Nothing. Then the legs kicked me and I screamed. A contemporary upgrade of Tuman Capote laughed hysterically. Someone asked me if I were part of the piece.”

– Jodi Dean


21.30 – Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor’s work explores ideas relating to a loss of control, malfunction, crisis and breaking points. For her upcoming performance at NOW Gallery, she will enact a number of absurd scenarios with her ludicrously over-sized balloons. Like cumbersome sci-fi props, these swollen spheres fill the space with a brooding sense of anxiety, whilst they ominously hover at the point of bursting. As they meld themselves onto Taylor’s body, like some loathsome parasites, we are reminded of the Apocephalus borealis flies that lay their eggs inside the bodies of bees. It is as though Taylor has been somehow brought under the control of these giant pods and forced to act as their host, whist they endlessly utilise her for their own unsavoury entertainments.


Film: Gareth Evans 


Harvesting the Colourfield – further details on NOW Cinema


Experimental Cocktails: The Robin Collective


Boozy marshmallows, Colour Changing G&T cocktails, inhalable punch sinks and absinthe orbs will be available for your delectation. Thrill seekers can experience our candy machine dispensing flavour tripping pills which turns everything sour into sweet. The Robin Collective are renowned for their delight in confusing the senses and creating a unique and memorable atmosphere with drinks and that make you taste and think.

Vita Coco


A selection of soft drinks will be provided by Vita Coco.


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