What is the Museum of the Future?

What is the Museum of the Future?

In this month’s Tate Magazine the question is asked about the future of the museum. Jeremy Deller’s response is “Art and objects can’t be streamed (yet) so museums will always be the place to see things in 3D and watch other people looking at them.”

Thinking about my favourite museums, I realise that although the architecture always adds a sense of occasion it is always the work in the museum which is the essence I remember. The article also made me think about what it means to curate a public gallery and now that Greenwich Peninsula’s community is building, how we can create solid, tangible ties with the local community.

Making pylons on Saturday – a workshop run by Make Draw Do – with local children and adults, and those heading to the Emirates; a collection of pylons grew which engaged with Alex Chinneck’s grand pylons to bring the work back to earth. The pylons have created another scale in the gallery.

For me dance in the space, seeing another artistic take wend its way within the exhibits, brings a smile to my face. It will be interesting to have Something & Son working in the gallery next Summer, we will be making bricks harking back to the Peninsula’s past, creating art out of clay in June and July 2016.

In the meantime some of my favourite museums.

Maeght Foundation, France

You can’t get much better than a view of the Mediterranean with Giacomettis with their heads in the pines.

Estorick Collection, London, UK

This is a wonderful house but I will remember it for ‘Morandi and His Time: Paintings from the Giovanardi Collection’ from 1999 – that work remains with me still.

The Beyeler Foundation, Basel, Switzerland

The first place I saw Kara’s Walker’s work, which surprised me with its beauty and its violence.

Lousiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

A trip as a twenty something, the view of the Henry Moores with Sweden behind made me sign up for sculpture at Chelsea.

Curiosity Cloud in the Norfolk Music Room. @LDF #V&A. So worth a visit. Mechanical Insects in beautiful jars.

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V&A, London, UK

The V&A has to get a mention, I have just devoured the London Design Festival installations there. The juxtapostition of old and new, Curiosity Cloud in the Norfolk Music Room, the concrete Ogham Wall with tapastries, Faye Toogood’s coats walking round smiling or grimacing. The museum was alive and was tantalizingly changed through the addition of designers’ brilliance.

And if you haven’t seen the shoe show – ‘Shoes: Pleasure or Pain’ – with flying shoes, and running shoes, and glass shoes and tiny Japanese shoes – you are in for a treat.