Our top 6 British public sculptures

In a little under a month an exciting piece of public art will be unveiled at Greenwich Peninsula as part of the London Design Festival.

British Sculptor Alex Chinneck has created a 35m high upside-down pylon-inspired steel structure called Bullet From A Shooting Star. The work will be visible from across the Peninsula, from the Emirates Airline cable car and beyond.

While work is busily taking place on site, our curator, Jemima Burrill has complied the top 5 British public sculptures we’re particularly excited about.

Singing Ringing Tree, Burnley
by Tonkin Liu

A man made edifice made of steel tube that sings when the wind blows.

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Heavy Metal Stack of Six, Mount St London
by Angela Bulloch

Bulloch’s enhanced version of Brancusi’s column with her usual attention to colour

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Fulcrum 1987, Liverpool Street, London
by Richard Serra

From the man who knows his material and creates volume and space
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A Spire, Leeds
by Simon Fugiware

Fugiware’s first public art commission outside the new Laidlaw library, a chimney to mark the 100 chimney’s from Leeds industrial past

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A Slice of Reality, Greenwich Peninsula
by Richard Wilson

On the Greenwich Peninsula, Richard Wilson’s studio sits in the Thames behind the O2.  A ship cut to accommodate the tide, a description of a boat grounded, remains a more hidden public art gem.

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Loss of object and bondage to it; Fig. 2
Frances Richardson

The new commission for a sculpture at Bermondsey Square opens this month, Frances is described as a ‘brilliant Royal College contemporary of mine’ by our curator and artist Jemima Burrill.

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