Harmonics in Space

Fred Butler

28 Feb – 29 Apr 2018

Welcome to a therapeutic world. Fred Butler creates a destination for healing with light and colour. She explores chromotherapy and light as an antidote to SAD – seasonal defective disorder – and to our urban living.

This harmonious space will have spheres created from polyhedral, which will enable those entering the space to dip their heads into healing light. These polyhedral shapes relate in concentric order, and form harmonic structures in the gallery. This will be a responsive environment for interplay between the conscious and unconscious levels of the psyche, stimulating the imagination and releasing creativity.

The significance of the structure of these shapes ties into Fred’s on-going interest in wellbeing. ‘Harmonics in Space’ Rudolph Laban’s theory looks at how your body is made up of polyhedral shapes. The smallest of the polyhedral is the tetrahedron, located in the centre of the body, through constant computer work and hunching over devices, this tetrahedron gets blocked. This exhibition gives us an opportunity to stand, breath, move and expand our chests; giving the whole body the ability to be responsive, creative and tap into an intensive awareness of being alive.

As with shape Fred believes that colour has a profound affect on our moods, emotions and daily life. “We need a balance of all the colour vibrations in sunlight to nourish us energetically,” she says.  “Colour is intrinsic to my practice and I want to use that tool to attract, inspire and excite a new audience to NOW Gallery making it a true destination with this playful installation.”

With a tactile floor and iridescent shimmer, be transported to a meditative other-world to take time to try origami, an exclusive colourful cosmic creature to match your mood. Give yourself creative space to switch off, contemplate and make.

This exhibition is about looking after you. It’s inclusiveness addresses Fred’s concern about the future of human nature becoming introverted, isolated and immobile. Let go of instant gratification from constant scrolling and over stimulation which shortens attention span. Enjoy the moment, forget the past, don’t speculate the future, be in the NOW.

“In the month of February heading into spring, NOW Gallery will become a space for all to dwell and experience radiating light in a tactile environment. Fred’s philosophy is one of engagement tying into her aesthetic so apparent in her design work, these two will combine into a playful environment for all.” Jemima Burrill